Essential Oils, Absolutes, Blends & Plant Based Fragrances

Bottle of essential oil with herbs set up on white background. Premium Photo
Hesitant to buy an essential oil or plant based fragrance, we can send you up to 3 fragrance strips with your order no charge. 
Kindly mention it in customer notes.   

Are you enrolled in an aromatherapy school?  Contact us for  discounts on our wide array of essential oils!

Pure plant essences, selected for their vibrant aromas and powerful therapeutic benefits.  

We will also carry a collection of plant based fragrances & blends that contain pure essential oils, raw botanical compounds, phthalate free, without isopropyl myristte or dioctyl andipate or synthetic compounds and isolates. They are great for candle making when fragrances are not an option. Look for them soon!

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