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Tapioca Starch Powder Being Discontinued

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Tapioca Starch is often used as a talc replacement. Other uses for plain tapioca starch are as an additive in bath product formulas like bath powders, foaming bath powders, bath "bombs" and other fun and fizzy formulations. It's used to add silkiness, help absorb fragrances, and slowly release the fragrance absorbed into the bath water. A great substitute for cornstarch or arrowroot powder. Most corn products are GMO, so another reason to replace it.

Also a great substitute for talc.

INCI: tapioca starch

Appearance: Fine white powder

Recommended use levels:
Lotions & Creams: 1-20%
Body Powder, bath bombs: 1-20%

If you are looking for a more fragrant and more luxurious bath experience try adding pure tapioca starch to your formulations.

Solubility: Insoluble in Water
Country of Origin: United States

*This is not a modified tapioca starch. This is plain tapioca starch. Modified tapioca can be purchased Natrasorb