Natrasorb Bath Powder

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This very fluffy powder is used for making bath products which appear as powders and will deliver fragrance or moisturizing oils in the bath. Make your salts more fragrant, your powders lighter and enjoy the water-soluble natural starch which does it all! This starch was made with unique "pockets" that carry the oils essentially in a solid, powdered form.

Natrasorb Bath is very light and fluffy.  One cup weighs  28 grams

EcoCertified natural by ECOCERT France SAS

Use from 1 to 50% in your bath products like salts, tablets, bombs, balls and more.

SUGGESTED USE LEVELS,  Powder formulations: 1% - 50% Anhydrous colour cosmetic products: 1% - 50%, Anhydrous color cosmetic products: 1% - 50% Emulsion systems: 3% - 5%  

This is not slick fix. It is much fluffier.

Although the INCI name is "Tapioca Starch," This is NOT THE TAPIOCA STARCH YOU BUY IN A LOCAL STORE. Our Natrasorb is a unique modified starch made for use in cosmetics, bath bombs, and any other products where you want a powdery feel with oils and fragrances. This starch is made in a patented process so that 'pockets' in the Natrasorb bath "carry" the oils inside the powder making a solid, powder form. You can blend oils and fragrances with the NATRASORB BATH starch so that you have essentially a nice skin soothing fragrance powder. And as soon as the fragranced and oil in the powder comes in contact with water (NATRASORB BATH starch is hydrophilic ), it dissolves, releasing the fragrances, oils, and emulsifiers, dispersing them into the water. The Natrasorb bath powder provides a nice, soft feel to the bath water, but does not settle or leave a film.

INCI: Tapioca Starch

Appearance: White to off-white free-flowing powder.

Storage: Always store Natrasorb Bath in a sealed container and in a cool, dry place. It must be kept away from heat, sparks or fire.

Shelf life: If stored correctly the shelf life is 2 years.

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

It can generally take 10%-15% oil load by weight without showing any change but can be used at any percentage in your products.

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Love it. It's perfect for bath products.

Vasilisa Kalinina


Mandy Morphet


Great Product

Really helps anchor scents in my bath bombs. Have also used in whipped soap scrubs with great results. Always packaged well. Will continue to order in future


Great product. As expected. Will purchase again.