Foaming Himalayan Milk Bath Salts

October 02, 2021

Foaming Himalayan Milk Bath Salts


Phase A

26% Fine Pink Himalayan Salt 

5% Dendtritic Salt

23.3% Baking Soda

17% Coconut Milk Powder

17% Lathanol

0.1% Germall Plus Powder

7% Colloidal Oatmeal Powder

Phase B

4.6% Fragrance


Add Phase A into your bowl and combine. Use a mask as the lathanol can be irritating.

Drizzle phase B into Phase A and mix thoroughly, breaking up any lumps.

Package in your containers.  The soothing coconut milk powder combined with the colloidal oatmeal makes for a very relaxing bath.

Image may not reflect the finished product

Shelf Life 1 year when stored in airtight containers.

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