Coconut Milk Powder 300 g

Try making a coconut milk conversion, freezing it and when ready to add first allow it to melt t a slushy consistency. This way the sugars will not burn in the milk and cause browning in cp or hp soap.

Use dry in your bath bombs, salts, and other dry formulations.

When used in bath bombs it helps them spin.

Usage rate 3 to 5% for a creamy bar. Some add it at trace as well.

Lotions & Creams: 2-10%
Milk Bath: 75-100%

Shelf life: 1 year

Coconut Milk Solids 94.5, Maltodextrin 1%, Sodium Caseinate 2% Sodiuim Phosphate 2.5% 

300g / 10.7 oz Food Grade

INCI: Cocos Nucifera Extract, maltodextrin, sodium caseinate, sodium phosphate

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Create soothing soaps, lotions and creams with coconut milk powder.

Coconut milk conversion: 190 ml warm water add 1/2 cup of powder for 1 cup of coconut milk

coconut cream conversion: 165 ml warm water add 3/4 cup coconut milk powder for 1 cup of coconut cream

It has become very popular to use coconut milk in cp soap these days. Due to the sugars in coconut milk, cp soap can scorch and burn. Not only if one soaps hot but during saponification. Some will put their just poured soap in the freezer. Here are a few ways to do it:

Try making a coconut milk conversion, freezing it and when ready to add first allow it to melt t a slushy consistency. This way the sugars will not burn in the milk and cause browning in cp or hp soap

This is what some soapers are doing: Mix lye and water at 1:1 ratio. Add your coconut milk directly into oils (which is the difference between the 1 to 1 ratio in order to make up the difference) and then add all your lye solution to my oils.

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Customer Reviews

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Wonderful in so many products

Absolutely love it. Use in a bath soak, foaming bath salts, creams, masks. I have purchased multiple times and will continue to do so.

It's a wonderful addition for skin and hair formulations.

I use this in a shampoo formulation and it is wonderful! The addition of maltodextrin also helps to stabilize it and gives the hair a little bit of extra volume (like most gums/polymers). It's naturally high in electrolytes (like Aloe vera), so you will have to watch the emulsifier you choose.

Coconut Milk Powder

I do not live in Calgary, so the shipment took a few weeks to arrive which was
fine but when I received the coconut milk powder, I realized that the product was set to expire for May, 2023 and I received it in the middle of March, 2023. I phoned 4 times over three days to speak with someone concerning this issue and sent an email with no response and it has been 20 days since I attempted to reach them last with no response. I am disappointed with this, as I quite like soap and more overall. I hope no one else faces this issue.

Hi Monique It is best to send us an email and include your order number. We have someone reviewing emails through out the day and we like to use the printed thread available to the staff for training purposes.

Teresa Morris
Quality item

Extremely happy with my purchases and will buy here again.

Jane Duncalf
Coconut milk bath

I was very impressed with the dried coconut milk and it’s light fragrance that I didn’t need to add any oils to some of the bath milk jars I made up