Bubbly Bath Bomb Formula (revised)

December 05, 2020

Bubbly Bath Bomb Formula (revised) - Soap Making Supplies, Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils at Calgary, Alberta Soap and More the Learning Centre Inc in Canada



Bubbly Bath Bombs (works in press)

(makes 4-6 small-medium size)                     

Bath Bombs are like giant alka-seltzers for the bath - they spin, whirl and swirl in the bath while releasing scent and skin-softening agents. They will make bath time SUPER fun! Your individual choices will make this a wonderful creation!

Dry ingredients 

1.5 cup Baking soda

1.5 tsp  White Kaolin Clay

3/4 cup Citric acid

4 tsp Lathanol powder

4 tsp powdered milk

Mini Scoop Water soluble dye or mica (avoid ultramarines as the mixutre will smell like sulphur.

Wet ingredients

4 tsp Sweet Almond oil (or other soft oil)

1 tsp plant-based emulsifier or Poly 80

1/2 to 1 tsp Essential oil or Fragrance oil


Pinch - Spirulina powder, red beetroot powder, spinach powder, kelp powder, etc.


In a bowl: mix dry ingredients very well or the result is a grainy bomb. Once blended really well, add the wet ingredients and combine until the colour is well blended.

When you are able to squeeze the mixture in your hand so it sticks together it is ready.

Note:  The mixture is ready when – it is the consistency of very dry pastry (just starting to hold together when pressed in your hand). Ensure it is well mixed – the side of the container and spatula shouldn’t be wet.  Try to work quickly so that it doesn't dry out too much before it is molded. If it seems too dry add a little witch hazel at a time to get the mixture to holds well in the mold.

Overfill the mixture in molds or press and press down as hard as you can– wait a few seconds and tap them out. Allow to air dry for 3 or 4 hours and voilà! The result is wonderful, hard bath bombs. Harder packed bath bombs produce denser, heavy, and more durable bombs.


Drop into bath…the result is beautiful and wonderful and can be used same day!  Freshly crafted bath bombs will sink, try waiting a few days.

Painting Bath bombs using micas is fun.  Use 1 TB denatured alcohol to ½ tsp mica with a few drops of plant-based emulsifier.  Mix and paint your bombs!

Ingredient Features

Baking soda is also known as soda bicarbonate (sodium hydrogen carbonate, NaHCO).  Since early times, baking soda has been used as baking powder, abrasive, deodorant, cleaner, and skin soother.   It is the weakest alkali among sodium compounds.  Baking soda is a skin softener and relaxant in the bath.  

Citric acid is one of the most widely used acids in the cosmetic industry; it is derived from citrus fruit by fermentation of crude sugars. It is used as a preservative to adjust acid-alkali balance, it removes dead skin cells; and removes and/or reduces oil. 

 Kaolin Clay White: Good for soothing sensitive skin & acne. Like all other clays such as bentonite and rhassoul clay, kaolin clay also has detoxifying properties. It absorbs toxins from deep within the pores thereby clearing them out. 

Milk Powder (i.e., goat’s milk) is a whole milk, which has properties, which helps condition the skin.  It helps balance the PH of dry or aging skin. Coconut or buttermilk powder can also be used.

Plant Based Emulsifier:  Helps emulsify the oil, so it does not sit on top of the water.  It also helps with some colours to avoid the dreaded bath ring.

Sweet Almond oil: Moisturizing or other liquid oil

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