Ferulic Acid Serum Formula

April 30, 2022

Ferulic Acid Serum Formula


Lighter than a face cream and fast-absorbing, face serums are packed with high concentrations of active ingredients (think antioxidants, minerals and vitamins) and can help treat many skincare concerns - dark under eyes, dryness and fine lines, to redness and breakouts, plus so much more!. Serums also offer an extra boost of hydration, locking in moisture without clogging pores. A little goes a long way.


Phase A

57% Warm Distilled Water

0.1% Sodium Citrate Powder

.50% Ferolic Acid

.04 Caffeine Powder

.50 DL-Panthenol Powder

5% Ice Restore Powder


30% Propanediol 1,3

3% Glycerin

1.6% Optiphen Plus

1% Vitamin E T50

1% L-Ascorbyl Palmitate Powder

1. Combine Water and  Sodium Citrate Powder in Phase A and mix until diluted.  Add remainder of Phase A ingredients and mix after each addition. Use a whisk or mini mixer until mixture is combined. 

3. In a separate vessel, combine Phase B ingredients.  Stir to combine.

4. Add Phase B to Phase A whisking until combined. A stick blender can be used at this stage.

Test the pH. Adjust to final pH 4-5 with drops of Sodium Citrate Powder in enough water to dilute, or Citric Acid Solution 50% if the pH is too high.

Fill, label and date your bottle. We used a baggy and cut one corner.  

Shelf life:  12 months, do not leave in direct sunlight or extreme heat.

TIPS:  Make sure all your tools are sanitized before use.  

A potent antioxidant, ferulic acid protects skin from free radical damage. Ferulic acid is also known as cinnamic acid. It also helps stabilize ascorbic acid. Amazing in water based serums along with panthenol and Vit. C. Final product is white.  The sensory feel is luxurious with fast absorbing action.

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