Cucumber Anti Aging Serum with HA

October 24, 2023

Cucumber Anti Aging Serum with HA

A super easy serum to keep our skin hydrated, toned and balanced. The cucumber for cooling redness, the green tea for age spots and reduce signs of aging.  The High molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid helps to gel your serum as well as rejuvenating moisturizing your skin to address the appearance of wrinkles.

This high active, skin rejuvenating serum is excellent for all skin types.

This formula is calculated for a 100 gram batch. 

Ingredient Percentage/Amount/Approx. Measurement
Cucumber Hydrosol 85.0% = 87 grams 
Hyaluronic Acid HMW 1.0% = 1 gram
Green Tea Extract 5.0% = 5 grams 
Fruit Acid Complex AHA
5.0% = 5 grams 
Leucidal Liquid 4.0% = 4 grams 
Total 100.0% = 100 grams

Weigh the Hyaluronic acid & Cucumber Hydrosol combine and gently mix. Cover and set aside and allow to hydrate. Hydration may take an hour or more. Add remainder of ingredients, mix well and package.

Anti Aging Serum with HA contains all water-soluble ingredients and can be used as is as a facial moisturizer. For dry skin. It functions well as a toning serum to be followed with your favourite facial moisturizer or facial oil.

Formulating Tips

  • We recommend packaging this formula in a bottle with a dispensing cap or pump.
  • This formula is thick. To easily dispense into a bottle, put the finished gelled product into a freezer bag, close the bag, then clip the end and squeeze into the bottle.

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