Single Use Luxurious Blueberry Bath Truffles

January 04, 2022

Single Use Luxurious Blueberry Bath Truffles

No synthetics, no chemicals for a natural soothing bath experience!


2 1/2 TBSP Cocoa Butter

1/2 TBSP Blueberry Seed Oil

3 TBSP Baking Soda

2 TBSP Citric Acid

1 TSP Blueberry Powder

2 TSP Arrowroot Powder

1/4 TSP Purple Lapiz Mica or less


  1. In a small pot add the cocoa butter just until melted.  Take off the heat.
  2. In a small container add the baking soda, citric acid,  melted cocoa butter the mica, blueberry powder and arrowroot powder and stir well until you get a thick buttery consistency.  If it seems too thick, add a little more liquid cocoa butter. 
  3. Roll into 3 or 4 balls or use a small mold.  When the balls are hard enough, roll in flower petals, (same as making chocolate balls rolled in nuts).  Place in a freezer to quicken the hardening time.
  4. Use in your tub for a great fizzy, moisturizing experience.

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