35 ml Powder Sprayer Set


One set includes one bottle and one powder spray top. Mica not included. Fill this bottle with dry powders, glitter and mica to spray onto soap or bath bombs. Great for pencil lines. Powder disperses in a fine mist.

Not recommended for use with pigments and oxides.

Works great for covering roots in between colouring your hair.

See formula below.

Country Of Origin: China

Helpful Product Information:
Container Size (oz.): 0.47 Diameter: 1"
Height: 3.375" Length: 1"

Why People Use This Product:
To spray mica powder and other powder colourants on bath bombs or on soap. To use a dry shampoo
Popular Products That Use This Packaging:
Body powders, dry shampoo, baby powders & foot powder.

Root Cover Fill Powder

Arrowroot powder 90%

Super absorbent Polymer Powder Food Grade 8%

Your choice of colour. We recommend oxides and fine charcoal powder 2%

Mix dry formula, adjusting the colour to match your own colour. A small bullet or mortar and pestle work well to ensure the colour is combined well. Add to our sprayer bottle and use as needed. More is needed after a hair wash.

  • Temporary coverage and no processing damage
  • Washes out in 1-2 shampoos
  • No staining

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