500' Biodegradable 60 gauge Shrink Film 18 inch


Biolefin Biodegradeable Polyolefin, a food-grade, acid-free,-biodegradable shrink film for wrapping bath bombs, soaps, candles etc. Wrap 16-20 bars in a single sealing session lasting less than 1 minute! Another 2-3 minutes to shrink them and you can expect to process 100 bars in about 25 minutes.

It is perfect for our National Shrink Wrap System found here.  May not be compatible with other systems.

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Puncture Resistant & Scent-able

Perforated & Non-perforated available

Perforated selection is for the benefit of our many goat's milk and dairy-based soapers, whose bars need to "breathe" (to avoid rancidity from any dairy components). While these perforations allow the scent through quickly on wrapping...given a day or so, the scent of the soap will still come through the non-perforated polyolefin films as well. Another reason many of our soapers, even those not using milk in their recipe, prefer the perforated films is that the perforations allow any air trapped in your package to escape. Sometimes, without the pinholes, if you perfectly seal a bar of soap, it will trap the air in the package as well...and puff up like a little pillow as you shrink it down. The technique to resolve this minor issue, is to squeeze the bar as you handle it normally for shrinking. The air will find a way out, while other than squeezing the bar, you haven't really done anything extra, or taken any extra time.

Totally decomposes into biomass within 3-5 years.

  • 60 gauge film
  • 500’ x 18” roll

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
amber Krebs
Excellent system!

This purchase was necessary for markets I had booked and has streamlined the process of repackaging my products with shrink film a breeze! Love it, don’t hesitate, the old fashioned way takes so much longer.

Angela Morton
Easy to use

I've only tested the machine and wrap, but it's easy to use and the biggest selling point is that it's eco friendly.

Theodora Berard
Biodegradable Shrink Film

Im so pleased to be able to purchase this eco-friendly packaging from a reputable Canadian supplier - it is the best solution for making higher volume quantities of soap and bath fizzies. Thanks so much Soap and More - excellent product and so worth the investment for the shrink wrap system!!