Garden Flowers - Skin Soothing Tub Tea

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The botanical blend includes Calendula petals, jasmine flowers, rose petals & chamomile flowers. Used in tub tea bags, scented salts or botanical body scrubs. A beautiful colour combination with hints of colour from light pink to deep red and off-white to soft yellow.

calendula officinalis
jasminum officianale
organic rosa centifolia
chamomile flowers matricaria recutita

This blend includes chamomile flowers, calendula petals, rose petals and Jasmine petals. Try mixing some Dead Sea salts into the blend for the added mineral benefits! Adding some powdered milk and/or oatmeal is a great choice for soothing dry sensitive skin. A few drops of lavender, rose or chamomile essential oils will increase the healing properties! Don't add too much or your oils will seep through the tea bag. You can find our tea bags in various sizes under packaging.

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