Aloe Vera Juice Organic


INCI: Aloe Barbadensis , Gluconolactone ,Sodium Benzoate

Aloe vera can be used as a natural pH adjuster.

Appearance: Clear to light Fluid
Odour: Characteristic, Very Low
Solubility: Water
Storage: Tightly Sealed, Protected from Heat / Moisture
Shelf: 12 Months when Properly Stored / Handled


Range Codes

Distilled Water  =  1

GSB Geogard Ultra Ecocert  =  4

Aloe Vera Powder 200X Organic  =  5


  • may be used as a base for, straight, topical treatment
  • may be used as an ingredient, at any ratio, to improve the moisture, hair growth gives hair elasticity and helps prevent breakage, healing, anti-aging, activity in products
    • skin care
    • body care
    • hair care


Aloe Vera is prized for its application as a moisturizing agent. It contains vitamin B complex, folic acid, vitamin C and carotene (a precursor of vitamin A). It is used in hair shampoo & conditioner both liquid and solid. The primary protein in hair is Keratin which resembles aloe vera in composition. Aloe vera has antifungal and antibacterial properties which are great for dandruff.

  • Moisturizers
  • shower gels
  • bubble baths
  • treatment products
  • skincare products
  • bath and body products
  • baby care products
  • pet care products

Usage Rate:

  • 3 to 100%
  • Add to Water Phase
  • when using 100% of the water phase, aloe vera juice liquid may challenge the stability due to high electrolyte levels so a chelating agent will be helpful to stabilization
  • up to 100% water replacement in cp,hp soap for a creamier lather

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