BTMC 85 Conditioning Emulsifier Palm Free


BTMC 85 imparts exceptional conditioning, wet-comb, detangling, softening, suspending and emulsification properties to the formulation.

Despite its name, Behentrimonium Chloride is a non-sulfate, derived from rapeseed oil.  It is a cationic emulsifier and conditioning ingredient. Prized for its effective detangling abilities, it's able to penetrate the hair shaft making it an excellent moisturizer and conditioner, while remaining gentle on the hair and skin, without coating the scalp or causing buildup.

As it contains no stabilizing additives  like cetearyl alcohol, so you'll need to add some of your own in order to create stable emulsions with it.

Tip: combine with Brassica Alcohols to keep your formulation palm-free. It is a good replacement for cetyl alcohol. Btms 25 and 50 contain stabilizing additives, so we strongly recommend using Brassica with BTMC 85. ie 25 to 35% Brassica to 10% BTMC 85 in solid shampoo bars.

Soluble in oil

80% Active Material

PH:  6–8

Usage Rate 5 to  8%

It has a fishy smell that does not seem to come through in the finished product.

Melting point:  90°C (194°F) does not like water baths and prefers melting in your oils

  • Improves wet and dry detangling
  • Improves hair texture
  • Thickens hair product 
  • Controls static and frizz (reduces fly-away hair)

    APPLICATION: Conditioners

    It is a great alternative when non palm is desired.


    Shelf Llife:  2 years if kept in a dry dark place.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Body butter and btmc 85

    Amazing product. Although when used in body butters at a 1% usage rate, Im finding a (slight to me) fishy odor. It's possible I heated the oils higher than it's melting point. I did not have these issues in my shampoo bars though!

    Wendi Carroll
    palm free

    I haven't tried this yet, but it was shipped in great condition very quickly. I'm so happy to find a palm oil free alternative with a company that is willing to ship to NY.

    Sheena S.
    Love it!

    Perfect for my needs!

    Great palm-oil alternative

    I’ve been looking for BTMS80 for months now and finally found it! I was happy that Soap and More shipped to the US ;) Thanks for being one of the only suppliers who stocks this ingredient for the small businesses!

    Ingredient with great potential

    It will take a few experiments to learn how to work with it properly for the purpose I want as combined with the brassica alcohol it is surprisingly gel forming unlike other BTMS On the upside, no funky odour or waxy after feel