Teacher Profiles


Maureen created Soap & More 20 years ago in her basement.  Her love of soap making and sharing her skills inspired the name of the company. 

Her passion for natural products keeps her looking for new ingredients and recipes to share with her family, friends and customers.  Her pratical side is as essential as her creativity in running the company.

 Has made her own body care products for many years.  She is always trying new formulations and has started contributing her knowledge to our class recipes with great success.  We are lucky to
have her on our team! 
Making homemade anything has always appealed to me, so when I saw all of the classes at Soap & More I jumped in with both feet.  The idea of making my own personal care products not only appeals to my creative side but my health-conscious side as they are made with natural products and can be tailored to my own taste.   Once I started with the first class I was hooked and have been making my own soap and lotions for the past 7 years, and now enjoy sharing my passion with others.