Zero Waste Carrier Oils

Which Zero Waste Carrier Oils

Zero waste means that the aim is to send nothing to a landfill, incinerators or the oceans. This lofty goal may sound impossible to achieve, but is worth serious consideration when you realize that the average person in the United States throws away their body weight in rubbish every month. Experts predict that global solid waste generation will exceed 11 million tonnes per day by 2100.

The drive towards zero waste beauty is a necessary requirement to help prevent pollution, although it is important to recognize that every beauty product will have some waste footprint somewhere throughout its supply chain.

We are all striving to play our part in the fight for a cleaner, healthier planet. Whether it’s readdressing our home recycling methods, adjusting how we travel, or considering the impact of buying certain products. Drastic measures have been made in the personal care sector in regard to reducing waste already but there is so much more work to do. We strive to play our part by striving to offer zero-waste ingredients to empower formulators to promote sensible consumer habits and further consider our beautiful planet.

Zero waste oils are carrier oils that pressed from fruit and vegetable seeds, which are sourced as waste by-products from the juice, jam and jelly industry.


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