500' Biodegradable (60 gauge) Shrink Film 18" No Free Shipping


Biolefin Biodegradeable Polyolefin, a food-grade, acid-free,-biodegradable shrink film for wrapping bath bombs, soaps, candles etc. Wrap 16-20 bars in a single sealing session lasting less than 1 minute! Another 2-3 minutes to shrink them and you can expect to process 100 bars in about 25 minutes.

It is perfect for our National Shrink Wrap System found here.  May not be compatible with other systems.

How How To video 

Puncture Resistant & Scent-able

Perforated & Non-perforated available

Totally decomposes into biomass within 3-5 years. There is no free shipping on this item.

  • 60 gauge film
  • 500’ x 18” roll