500' Biodegradable (60 gauge) Shrink Film 18" Wholesale No Free Shipping


Biolefin Biodegradeable Polyolefin, a food-grade, acid-free,-biodegradable shrink film for wrapping bath bombs, soaps, candles etc. Wrap 16-20 bars in a single sealing session lasting less than 1 minute! Another 2-3 minutes to shrink them and you can expect to process 100 bars in about 25 minutes.

How To video by Ariane Arsenault (La Fille De La Mer)

Puncture Resistant & Scent-able

Perforated & Non-perforated available

Totally decomposes into biomass within 3-5 years. There is no free shipping on this item.

  • 60 gauge film
  • 500’ x 18” roll