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Allantoin is a valuable cell-proliferating healing agent which stimulates healthy tissue formation. It has occlusive properties with skin barrier function when used in skin care products to reduce irritation and sensitivity. Due to its flexible effects occurring when combined with different substances, it can be used in a variety of products, including cleansers, lotions, masks and serums.

INCI:  Allantoin

This is not a vegan product

  • white free flowing powder
  • water soluble - 1g to 199ml
  • store tightly closed and away from direct heat and moisture
  • 36 mos. when stored properly


Allantoin is soluble in your water phase but only at the small rate of .57%.  Heat does not help, as anything higher than .57% will drop out of solution as it cools and becomes abrasive.

Allantoin is a valuable cell-proliferating healing agent which stimulates healthy tissue formation.  Allantoin has a pronounced keratolytic and skin softening action, acts as chemical debrider of necrotic and scaling tissue, clearing up the areas where applied. Allantoin is effective at quite low concentrations.
As a natural component, allantoin is found in comfrey.

Usage: allantoin can be used from 0.25% - 0.5%. (Allantoin can recrystallize (glass shards) at above 0.57% so are best added at no more than 0.57%

To incorporate allantoin into your formulation add it to your water phase first.  No need to heat and do not exceed the recommended usage rate.
Use in formulations for minor cuts, scrapes, burns, sunburns, dry and/or cracked lips, and diaper rashes. Allantoin is nontoxic, non-irritating, and non-allergenic.

Stored somewhere cool, dark, and dry, allantoin should last two years. It is hygroscophic (it will absorb moisture from the air), so consider double-bagging it if you live somewhere humid.

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Customer Reviews

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Koreann McCready
Love Allantoin!!

I use allantoin powder in many of my creams and lotions, and as I learn more about how awesome it is, I plan on using it in my balms as well!
Thank you for a wonderful product!

Rajpreet TOOR

Allantoin Powder