AminoSensyl™ HC Palm Free Emulsifier


Brassica alcohol and Brassicyl Valinate Esylate) is a positively charged or cationic emulsifier suitable for use in lotions and conditioners. It is a positively charged or cationic emulsifier suitable for use in hair conditioners | hair treatments | skincare | serums | emulsions | cleansing | body care | shave | beard care lotions and conditioners including bars.

It is an amino-acid based conditioner not based on quats that promises to condition, smooth, and strengthen hair. It’s 100% naturally compliant.  & Hair Colour Protectant.  

  • Non-toxic to aquatic life
  • Non-irritating to skin or eyes
  • Designed with green chemistry

Likewise, it creates rich textures and provides deep moisturization. Furthermore, it is ideal for soft, weightless conditioning that smooths, defines, and strengthens hair.

It has been optimized for use in one pot method, it is also suitable for traditional two pot methods where it can be melted into to the oil phase.

Melting Point:  56C

• Rinse-off daily conditioners: 6-20%

• Deep conditioner and hair masks: 15-20%

• Solid formats:  20 - 90% ie solid conditioner & shampoo bars

• Leave-in conditioners: 6-20%

Optimal at pH < 5.0; the ideal pH range for hair care benefits. Like most cationic ingredients, is generally not compatible with anionic components such as anionic emulsifiers, co-emulsifiers, polymers, etc. • AminoSensyl™ HC is HLB independent.

HLB independent. Additional emulsifiers are typically not required to form a stable emulsion.

Viscosity increasing polymers should not be necessary. Anionic viscosity increasing polymers are not recommended (e.g. xanthan gum, carbomer, etc.). If rheology modification is necessary, cationic polymers or additional fatty alcohol (e.g. brassica alcohol) can be added to increase viscosity.

It's designed for efficient use in a one-pot process.

NOTE: While, AminoSensyl™ HC has been optimized for use in one pot method, it is also suitable for traditional two pot methods where it can be melted into to the oil phase.

INCI:  Brassica Alcohol (and) Brassicyl Valinate Esylate

Performance Claims: 

  • • 2X increase in high strength in rinse-off formulations
  •  2X increase in hair strength in leave-on formulations
  •  66% decrease in wet comb force
  •  70% decrease in dry comb force
  • Uses:  Curl defining spray, 

Standards & certifications

100% biobased as certified by the USDA BioPreferred® Program
ISO 16128 Natural Origin Index: 1
COSMOS approved
NSF/ANSI 305 approved (approved for use in organic products)
Readily biodegradable
Non-palm derived
Vegan-friendly and Cruelty-free

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