AminoSensyl™ SC Emulsifier


AminoSensyl™ SC* is 100% natural self-emulsifying vegan system for high oil load lamellar liquid crystal emulsions with a soft & velvety skin feel. This allows formulators to create super moisturizing emulsions with the open to use up to 40% oils in your formulas.  It is a cousin to Aminosensyl HC however contains Brassica glyceride to thicken the product.

Derived from the essential amino acid valine and brassica rapa seed oil, this cutting edge amino lipid technology offers a natural and sustainable solution for luxury skincare. AminoSensyl SC creates rich textures and stabilizes high oil loads for easy formulation of high-end skin and shave products.

Additional fatty alcohol can be added to enhance structure or viscosity. Aminosensyl™ SC is cationically charged and may be incompatible with certain anionic thickeners.

Formulations may require an additional upward adjustment of pH to a level suitable for skincare products. Sodium Gluconate are recommended neutralizing agents for the best long term pH stability. The recommended usage level is approx. 7 to 1 AminoSensylTM SG: neutralizer

INCI:  Brassica Alcohol (and) Brassicyl Valinate Esylate (and) Brassica Glycerides

Melting Point:  56C

Use Level:  6.0 – 10.0%

Cosmos approved

Claims: Stabilize up to 40% oil loading, gentle to skin and eyes

Shelf Life:  36 months
Formulations for shaving lotion & deep hydration day & night cream & Conditioners

    Customer Reviews

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    Theresa Portelli
    Aminosensyl SC

    This is my first time using it. I used 50% of oil phase and cetyl alcohol to stabilize. I got a creamy smooth light cream.

    Ziane (Diane) Stanley

    great product.

    Candy Phillips
    Still Reviewing

    So far so good. Experimenting to see what other product I can add to the AminoSensyl to get more slip.

    Danielle Dica

    can this be used to replace cetyl alcohol in a emulsifyed body butter ,looking for Palm free alturnative also using olivium 1000