Balsam Poplar Essential Oil Pesticide Free

The smell of spring when the poplar buds are about to bloom, and the spring rain and mist blankets the forest. Green, notes of honey, cedar, grass and sap. Very intense, yet leaves a warm, soft after sent. A must-have if you are an outdoors lover or nature guru.
It creates an atmosphere allowing for deep emotional healing. True to its nature, balsam poplar also offers restoration on physical levels. Use a few drops in skincare—for daily nourishment, soothing irritation, or nourishing scars—or for comforting muscles or joints.
The labour-intensive process of steam distilling our organically crafted balsam poplar oil involves collecting the buds of the tree in undisturbed Canadian forests. The complex, nourishing essential oil is worth it!
AKA:  Balm of Gilead
Origin:  Canada
Botanical Name: Populus balsamifera
TIP: Our Balsam Poplar Essential Oil is super thick when cold but becomes more pourable at room temperature; to warm it more quickly you can put the tightly capped bottle in your pocket next to your body or hold a small bottle in your hand To warm it up, but please don’t attempt to heat it by any other methods.

How to Use Balsam Poplar Essential Oil with Adults

Balsam Poplar essential oil can be used for inhalation and topical use. In our opinion, one of the best ways to use this wonderful essential oil is to mix it with vegetable oil to a maximum concentration of 2% for use as an enjoyable after-sports application.  Or, if you’re willing to spend a little more time, you can make a traditional “Balm of Gilead” type of salve. 

According to Tisserand and Young (2014), Balsam Poplar Essential oil should not be used by any route by anyone taking certain medications, as explained below in the safety considerations.

Distilled Part : Buds
Extraction : Steam distillation
Main Components : a-bisabolol, ß-eudesmol, ?-eudesmol, nerolidol, sesquiterpene hydrocarbons
Oil Characteristics : Transparent liquid with a unique aroma, resinous and sweet.
Properties : Anti-inflammatory+++, disinfectant,  antiallergic++
Indications :

Dry eczema (in a St. John’s Wort salve), allergies, various pains


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Customer Reviews

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Crystal Hanson
Smells Amazing

I cant wait t work with this oil. It smells so sweet and fresh. I am planning on using it for a Balm of Gilead (seeing as my last 2 attempts with using the actual buds failed miserably before they even got to salve stage. lol)


Excellent product