Beginners Cold Process Palm Free Soap Kit PICK UP ONLY

Bergamot/Rosemary Ess. Oil Blend
Lavender Essential Oil
Frankincense Essential Oil
Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil

Make your own soap from scratch.  All the ingredients to make 1 pound of moisturizing cold processed soap.  (6 bars) No measuring required. Pick up only if lye is required.  Image does not reflect the finished project.

Making soap from scratch requires the use of an alkali (lye) to transform oils into soap. This kit will teach you how to work safely with lye, We do not ship sodium hydroxide at this time. 

Use discount code to remove the lye from the kit.  Lye can be purchased at hardware stores.    SHIPKIT

Cold process soap making requires time to cure, so after you make the soap, you will have to wait 3 to 4 weeks before using

Ingredients:  Coconut Oil, Cocoa butter, Olive oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide and a 6 bar silicone rectangle mold.  Included equipment may vary.

1.  Silicone spatula

2.  Whisk

3.  Digital Thermometer

4.  Choice of scent and colour set

5.  Project tips and complete instructions

6. Gloves

NOT included in the kit - you will need:
  • Protective goggles/glasses
  • A 2-4 cup container to mix lye
  • Mask 

Also your choice of the following:

  •  Frankincense essential oil w colloidal oatmeal
  •  Litsea Cubeba (Mai Chang) essential oil (citrus) with orange annatto powder
  •  Bergamot/Rosemary Essential Oil Blend w green oxide powder
  •  Lavender essential oil with purple lapis mica powder 

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