Blue Lake Powder

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Blue dye, common in many, many products. Lips, eyes, wash off, nail polish and melt & pour. Not recommended for CP or HP soap. Oil Dispersible. 

Dye load: 19-23%.

The most popular colours for bath bombs because they completely dissolve without leaving a bathtub ring! Combine multiple colours to create additional unique colours! See our red & yellow lakes

INCI: CI142090 Blue 1 Lake  

FDA Certified Applications
Soap, Skincare & Bath: Yes
Lip Products: Yes
Eye Products: Yes

Trade Name: FD&C Blue 1 Lake - HIGH

Colour: Produces a brilliant, colour in clear bases. Colour is not 100% clear and will cloud clear bases. A pastel colour is produced in opaque (white) bases.

Colour Fading: This dye is light sensitive. Soaps may fade if left in direct sunlight or artificial lighting.

Compared to FD & C Dyes, lake dyes are less likely to migrate between layers of MP soap. If product design has layered colours, overuse of this dye will cause coloured layers to migrate or “bleed” between layers. Does not affect product pH. Dispersible in oil.

Melt & pour soap: mix with glycerin then add to the melted soap base

Bath Bombs: Add lake to dry ingredients. Bath bombs will become coloured when base becomes moistened. For more brilliant colours in dry bombs, consider blooming your baking soda with your desired lakes.

Lakes are produced from the FD&C Dyes and can be either water are oil dispersible (but generally not oil soluble) and can be mixed with oils. They can also be dispersed in other carriers such as propylene glycol & glycerin.

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Bridget Calvank
excellent product

This product was recommended by the owner. I would highly recommend this for bath bomb creations a little goes a long way