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Blue Tansy Essential Oil

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Richly scented of toast and herbal. Blue Tansy essential oil is a vivid deep blue colour due to its azulene content. This particular Blue Tansy has an amazing aroma... warm and herbaceous with a wonderfully complex sweetness - as though one has found a patch of wild blueberries deep in an old growth forest. Not to be confused with Tansy oil, Blue Tansy Oil is non-toxic, and has many similar properties to German 'Blue' Chamomile oil.

Botanical Name - Tanacetum annuum
Country of Origin - Morocco
Method of Extraction -Steam Distillation

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The aroma of Blue Tansy oil induces relaxation and can be used to ease nervous tension and stress.  blend it with some ravensara for best results. For respiratory support, it is most effectively used as an inhalant in a diffuser, or you can also put a couple of drops on a handkerchief and inhale.

Blue Tansy essential oil is considered by aromatherapists to be an important oil for burned, inflamed and damaged skin, sunburns and bruises - an excellent blend for where skin is actually damaged is as follows: 10ml of Organic Argan Oil with 10 drops helichrysum essential oil and 6 drops Blue tansy. Like other “blue” oils, it is used for sore muscles. Blue Tansy is most efficacious when used in concentrations of 5% or less.

Besides its fantastic anti-inflammatory properties, a little Blue Tansy can be added to blends to create a wonderful colour - a little goes a long way in adding this pretty blue to your oils.
Do not use during pregnancy, on babies/children/elderly

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Kiana Thody
Blue tansy

So dearly sweet!