Buah Merah Oil Virgin

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Buah Merah Red Fruit (or Pandanus Conoideus) is a fruit native to Papua, Indonesia. COSMOS Buah Merah Oil contains one of the highest antioxidant levels in the plant world.  It has a thick and viscous gelatinous texture unlike any oil we have encountered.

CAUTION:  Could stain the skin if not highly diluted

Buah Merah Oil can also promote hair growth and is therefore used most often for hair oils and shampoo. Due to the deep red colour, it is also used as a natural colouring agent.

Buah Merah Virgin Oil is extracted through a patented modern technology process while maintaining its virgin purity using a strict quality control. Fruits are harvested sustainably from a specific location with high minerals in Papua that are naturally maintained to produce this high quality Buah Merah Virgin Oil.

Usage Rate:  1% or less to avoid skin coloration

Inci:  Pandanus Conoideus Fruit Oil

CAS# 5989-27-5

 Shelf Life:  2 years or more in a cool dry place

Country of Origin:  Indonesia

Customer Reviews

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A very beautiful, intense oil

It almost has the texture / look of a liquified wax, and I don't mean like jojoba, at all. I rubbed some into my hand - it is DARK crimson red - and it really left a beautiful stain on my skin. It was gone by today, so it only lasted overnight. These are the types of quality, unrefined oils I love. I will be reserving this for my own use at the moment until I figure out how / what I wish to formulate with it. Really an amazing oil. Probably an incredible moisturizer. Will be testing it in various manners before making any final decisions on usage.

Amazing oil

A very rich oil, full of goodness. Asked my friend that she should try it too! Recommend!


This carrier oil is not just for colour (although it's beautiful for that purpose too). It's SUPER high in antioxidants, higher than anything else. I would not use it higher than 0.5% however, as it can stain the skin and hair. I used it at 0.10% and my product looks a beautiful orange. Love it!