Caffeine Powder Anhydrous USP

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Limit of 50 grams unless a business licence can be provided


No longer sold in-store. 

Warning: Owing to the risk of personal HARMINJURY, or DEATH with the use or misuse of Caffeine Powder, large volume purchases (100g and above) are limited to qualified business buyers only. A business number is required for proof.*

* We reserve the right to refuse sale if we believe the ingredient will not be used as intended (for cosmetic purposes). If you do not have company information in your customer profile, or cannot provide it when requested, your order will be cancelled.

Caffeine is being used more, and more, in the cosmetics, and personal care, industry due to its definite impact on fluids and the way that they are stored. Well known for its ability to increase microcirculation, and reduce puffiness, it is recognized as one of the best actives for dark circles and puffiness.

If you add caffeine to an oil scrub, it won't have much effect on cellulite, as it has moderate water solubility and low oil solubility

INCI: Caffeine

Caffeine is water-soluble.

Soluble at 1 gram in 46 mL room temperature water or 1g in 5.5mL water at 80C. It can be added to an aqueous solution after cooling down your emulsion. Or to a pre-made cream or lotion, dissolve it in a small amount of water, add preservative(s), and mix it into the cream.


  • Add to Water Phase
  • From 0.1 TO 1.0%
    • skincare: 0.1 to 0.5%
    • body care: 0.5 to 1.0%
    • hair care: 0.1 to 0.7%

NOTE: There are many people who are sensitive to the stimulating effects of caffeine. The same effect that one might get from the consumption of caffeine, one will get from the topical use of caffeine. Caffeine should not be used by anyone who is sensitive to those stimulating effects. Use with caution until you know how you will respond to its effects.

Please note: This is a highly concentrated product, it can be harmful to small animals if it is not kept out of reach.
If accidentally ingested, please call poison control.


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Caffeine Powder Anhydrous USP

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Caffeine Powder Anhydrous USP