Chocolate Flavour Oil

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Applications: Lip balm, lipstick, body butter, edible massage oils.

Oil soluble, unsweetened phthalate free, alcohol-free all natural.

Smells amazing, sweet and fragrant.  Our flavour oils are not sweetened. You can add your own. Organic Flavour oils are lip-safe and ironically, they don't actually taste. Instead, flavour oils provide your lip products with scent. Sweeteners when added are the flavour portion of the flavour.  Some use stevia or honey.  Sugar is  not recommended as it will not dissolve. 

INCI: Flavour

Product Usage: from 0.5% to 5% maximum, of total ingredients in the application. Exceeding this amount may destabilize bonds between the ingredients causing your lip balm base to lose some smooth feel and may create a burning sensation.

Want to add colour to your lip balm? Try our oxides and mica colours at 3% in your liquid oil. Mix well until the colour is evenly dispersed. This concentration is strong enough to actually tint lips, but not as bold as lipstick. The fun part is, it’s an easy to experiment. You could definitely add a little more or less iron-oxide to lighten or darken the balm as desired.