Citric Acid USP Fine Non GMO Kosher

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Citric Acid anhydrous is one of the main ingredients in bath bombs. Derived from fermented corn and sugar beets, it is GMO-free. Citric Acid is often used to alter pH levels, which makes it useful as a natural preservative for some products. Also used to balance PH levels in lotions, creams as well as liquid soap. It may be found in some preservative formulations for creams and lotions.

Fine Granular 30-100 mesh
1cup epsom salt = 254g
INCI: Citric Acid. Food Grade

Used in Bath bombs, when mixed with baking soda, a fizzing action occurs. Used to neutralize the PH and as a preservative in creams and liquid soap.

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Customer Reviews

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Nelda Radford
citric acid

simple and quick to order and to ship. product is great!

Mouse Lng
Excellent product

Love this product always works great whether used as a ph adjustor or for bath bombs and shower steamers!

Terri Watts
Citric Acid USP non gmo kosher

Actually, I purchased it and It already harden citric acid all of it. I have a hard time breaking citric acid all of it. Hurts my nose and breath because of this. Please next time citric acid is soft and smooth easy scoop it. You sold other people were purchased and gave you best five stars but not me. I am kind of disappointed when I got that 25 kg bag and already harden. :(

Hi Terry, so sorry you had a hard time with the Citric Acid.
Yes, it is often hard as it arrives on pallets of flat bags with the weight of the shipment compressing the product. This is completely normal.
Also, once air and humidity get to that type of product, it is also normal for it to clump or harden. The product is still completely fine and usable when this occurs.
TIP: keep bag closed, and gently slam the product onto a hard surface. Normally, it will turn back to powder prior to even opening the bag back up.
PS: use of proper PPE would keep the powder dust from hurting your nose. A light mask is normally very sufficient.
We appreciate all feedback and hope this information helps you along in the future.
All the best and Happy Holidays from the Soap and More Team.

Patricia Palmer-Wright

Citric acid

Sue Podmerow
love it

It is great, will be ordering more in future