Polysorbate 20

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Polysorbate 20 is a naturally derived solubilizer from Lauric Acid (which is from coconut oil) and is also know as Tween 20.  Polysorbate 20 is most commonly used to emulsify essential oils and oil soluble fragrance oils.  

Both, Polysorbates 80 and Polysorbate 20, are emulsifiers and solubilizers that are used to emulsify small amounts of oils (or butter, fragrance) into water. Both are safe and can be used in bath bombs and other skin care products.

A common use is mixing oils, fragrances, in to water. This makes it ideal when formulating custom body sprays, adding fragrances to formulations and making linen Sprays. Usually a 1 to 1 ratio of POLY 20 to oils in this application.

Commonly used in oil in water emulsions, like lotions, creams, hair conditioners, cream rinses and other preparations.

CAS:  9005-64-5
INCI:   Polysorbate-20
PH Value:  PH range: 5-7 (5 - 10 % aqueous solution)
Solubility:  Water-soluble
Preservation:  Preservative-free
Storage:  Store in a closed container at a dry place at room temperature
Country of Origin:   USA
Appearance:   Yellow liquid, no or weak odour
Raw Material Source:  Sorbitol, vegetable oils
Manufacture:  Polysorbate 20 is obtained by esterification of sorbitol with one or three molecules of a fatty acid including stearic, lauric, oleic, and palmitic acid.

Not animal tested
Does not contain animal-derived components

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    Storage:  Opened items should be stored in a cool, dry place.

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    Patricia Miller
    Excellent product

    The quality suits my formulas very well.