Watermelon Seed Oil Virgin Pesticide Free

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The rich composition of essential fatty acids contained in Watermelon Seed Oil helps to restore elasticity to the skin. It is also wonderful for all skin types, including dry, oily, acne-prone or maturing skin. Watermelon Seed Oil is also a perfect for hair care as it is non-greasy yet highly moisturizing.


Scientific Name: Citrullus Vulgaris Oil

Extraction: Cold Pressed

Color: Golden

Scent: None

Ingredients: 100% Pure Organic Watermelon Seed Oil

Amount: Measured by volume not weight

Benefits for Hair:

Due to a high content of protein and essential amino acids, watermelon seed oil can strengthen your hair. Watermelon seed oil can add shine to your hair as they contain copper that produces melanin, a pigment that provides colour to your hair.
Treat itchy scalp: Since watermelon seed oil is light in texture, it gets absorbed easily without clogging the pores of your scalp. It acts as a moisturizer for your dry and flaky scalp.
Prevent hair breakage: Providing your hair with essential fatty acids which Watermelon seed oil contains can help prevent breakage. The overall health of the hair and scalp can improve with time and daily care. 

  • Nourishes hair and smooths hair cuticles
  • Makes hair long, strong and thick
  • Controls hair fallout
  • Moisturizing

Benefits For Skin:

Watermelon Seed Oil also has excellent pore size reduction qualities, so is good to use on large-pored skin. Watermelon Seed Oil eliminates sebum, the dirt and grease that builds up in your skin and creates acne. Moisturizing and declogging is vital for combating skin degradation and aging - Watermelon Seed Oil can play a very important part in this.

  • Light oil with amazing absorption properties
  • Rich in essential fatty acids
  • Helps restore elasticity
  • Highly moisturizing
  • Rich in linoleic and oleic acids
  • Helps dissolve sebum buildup