Cucumber Fragrance Oil

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The cleanest green scent we have. Slightly sweet with a zingy touch of cool top notes. Smells exactly like the real thing! Fragrance oils are blends of aroma components that are created to smell like the real thing. All of our fragrance oils are cosmetic grade.

INCI: Parfum

Vanillin Content: .06%

Specific Gravity: 0.859 0.869 @ 25°C 0.864

IFRA Maximum Product Base Guidelines:

  • MP Soap: 6%
  • CP, HP, CPOP Soap: 6%
  • Lotions and Scrubs: 1 – 2%
  • Bath Salts, Bath bombs: 5-10%
  • Lips 0
  • Candle Wax: : 6-12% (see wax for exact levels)