Cucumber Glycerite

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Cucumber is wonderful for its cooling and skin-tightening properties! Cucumber is rich in vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy looking skin. In addition, Cucumber Peel glycerite offers a natural source for a powerful antioxidant. It can be used to keep the facial skin feeling soft and smooth. 

The glycerite is used for its properties, not the scent.

Gluten and palm free.

Green Brownish viscous consistency

Water Soluble

Usage Rate: 3-6% in all water-based products during the water phase or when the product is below 40c. Or you can mix in directly to ready-made water-based products.

INCI:  Glycerin, Water, Cucumis sativus Fruit Extract
Shelf Life:  14-24 months out of heat and light
COA not available for this product

Customer Reviews

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Rhonda Stroud McCutchen
Cucumber Glycerite Arrived on time and as described

I initially did not pay attention to the description of the product and was therefore taken aback when I opened the package. However, after reviewing the description and confirming it is the same as the clear organic version I'd purchased from a different supplier, I was excited to receive such a large quantity for the price paid! It worked very well in my facial moisturizer/eye serum giving it a more creamier texture and smoother feel on my skin. I would recommend this product and company to others!

Bibiana Gonzalez Santana

Cucumber Glycerite

Charlotte Kitchener

What is the country of origin for this product?

Arline Tabin
Cucumber Glycerite

Haven't fully experimented with it yet, but will and submit a review. Thanks