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D-alpha tocopherols, commonly known as "Vitamin E" on vitamin and supplement labels, is a fat-soluble, oily liquid that is slightly yellow to brownish red with a mild odour. Vitamin E's derivatives are broken down into 2 groups, tocopherols and tocotrienols, and each group has 4 homologues, named alpha, beta, gamma and delta. D-alpha tocopherol is prevalent in the human body and naturally occurring in meat, fruit, vegetables, oils, grains, seeds and nuts. This form of vitamin E, also known for its antioxidant properties, is commonly used as a dietary supplement and throughout the cosmetic industry in various personal-care product formulations. Please note D-alpha tocopherol will slowly darken in appearance when exposed to light and oxygen.

This VIT E has a higher tocopherol % than our T50 Full spectrum and is set in Sunflower Oil. Less if needed to protect your product.

To prevent oxidation in products and extending shelf-life, D-Alpha tocopheryl acetate, in our product offering called "Vitamin E-Natural-Non-GMO", is the acetate ester of D-alpha tocopherol. Our Vitamin E Natural Non-GMO, item # V6006, is the recommended option for antioxidant applications.

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Product as described, shipping was fast and well packed.

Cynthia Piche

This item is new to me so I’m just learning how to use it. Therefore I have not used it yet.