Elderberry Seed Oil Virgin Pesticide Free


The oil is often used to treat dry skin. because it also has anti-inflammatory effects, thanks to compounds which enhance the functions of the skin.  It is a great winter oil due to its significant content of palmitic acid, It has a lovely sweet fruity aroma.

This precious oil is high in rare compounds, which encourages smoothness and elasticity of the skin tissues, while stabilizing the skin-lipid contents of the skin layers, encouraging long-term moisturizing.

Elderberry Oil has a rich, silky skin feeling, whilst being readily absorbed. This oil is gaining increasing attention by cosmeceutical manufacturers, and by the spa and aromatherapy industry, due to its silky texture and anti-aging effects.

Elderberry Oil’s anthocyanins and other flavonoids, found in the purple pigment, are responsible for its high ORAC score, which means that its ability to mop up skin damage such as helping age spots to fade, and reducing wrinkling, is one of the highest available. Elderberries have almost 5 times as many anthocyanins as Blueberries.

INCI: Sambucus Nigra Seed Oil Virgin
Extraction: Expeller Pressed
SAP: Sap. value:180-195
Iodine value:185-190
Country of Origin: Belgium 

Suggested concentration in cosmetics formulas: 5%-15%

Iodine Value:  170-190 Avoid heating this oil

CAS# 68916-55-2 // 84603-58-7

Suitable for hair conditioners; hand creams; lip balms.
Download COA Lot #41402210

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Elderberry Seed Oil

I have made Elderberry syrup for several years and I was so excited when I saw that you carry Elderberry Seed Oil. So far I have made a salve and cold process soap with the Elderberry Seed oil and Calendula tincture.The soap will be a while before it's ready but washing up after melting and moulding the soap left my hands really soft. It has a mild floral scent. The salve helps the inflammation in my hands and I'm hoping that it will help boost my immune system during this flu season without taking another pill. Looking forward to having unique gifts for friends and family this holiday season. Seasons Greetings to you all.

Michelle Morton
New product to me

I took a chance with this oil, as I have not used it before and I LOVE IT! Thank you, Soap and More, for carrying unusual and high-quality ingredients.