Gentle High Foaming Bubble Bath/Shower Gel

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SLS & Sulphate Free

This very mild high foaming viscous rich shower gel and bubble bath does not dry out your skin. Add a couple of tablespoons under running water to encourage bubbles.

You can add colour and fragrance, but not all essential/fragrance oils are compatible, so please first test each new essential or fragrance oil in a small amount of this base.

Country of origin: Canada

PH: 10.5

Colour: Light amber viscous

INCI:  coco-glucoside (plant source), glycerine & Cocamidopropyl betaine

Shelf Life: 1-2 Years No G.M.O, No Pesticides, No Animal Testing No Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates 100% JUNK FREE.

Add between 1% and 3% fragrance, which may cloud up the product. Do your own testing. Our bubble bath is a unique skin moisturizer.

This bubble bath base is very mild and does not dry out the skin.
This is a unique bubble bath, as it moisturizes the skin. From Soap & More’s research, the "off the shelf" products are basically chemical soups marketed as cleansing products. We shudder to think now about how many chemicals we had previously soaked our bodies in.
However, we began to educate ourselves on skin/haircare toxins and searched far and wide for natural solutions. After many years of searching the market, Soap & More had to do their own formulations and this got us to where we were confident to market our own bubble bath base. Simply add your own essential oil and call it your own!

Customer Reviews

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Really happy over here

Bubble bath

My kids absolutely love the bubble bath! They bubbles last forever which is awesome and even better that they contain clean ingredients! I typically add some lavender essential oil and the combination is the perfect pre bed routine!

This has been a staple at Soap & More for many years. Leave the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate for cleaning. We stand behind it because we formulated it.

Estee Leiser

This is good for sensitive skin. I like it is all natural, it does not make me itch.

Heather Harrison

Definitely get a lot of thick, high foaming bubbles using a small amount of product. Soft formula that does not dry out the skin. Since it has no smell it’s easy to adjust to your liking. Very reasonable priced. Definitely would keep this supply on hand.

Jimmy Desbiens
Customer review

Fantastic soap. We use it for lavish bubbly baths, smooth shower gel and moisturizing hand wash at all our sinks. Highly recommended.