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Grapefruit Pink Essential Oil

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This zesty, invigorating citrus fruit is the essence of sunshine. Grown in such warm climates as Florida.  Grapefruit essential oil is a direct by-product of the juicing process and truly captures the fruit’s broad spectrum benefits. Can cause photo toxicity.

Ecocert, cosmos approved

Use anchor essential oils to hold down the scent in CP, HP soap.  ie Orange 5x, lemongrass or litsea.

Botanical Name - Citrus paradisi

INCI: Citrus Paradisi Peel Oil
Country of Origin - Mexico
Method of Extraction -
Cold Pressed Peel

Note : A middle note with a medium aroma, Grapefruit Pink has a fresh, sweet citrus smell that is very characteristic of the fruit.

Blends With: other members of the citrus family, rosemary, cypress, lavender, geranium, cardamon and generally most spice oils.

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Love it!

Smells so fresh!