Ice Hair & Skin Restore Powder


Instant Cold Emulsion (ICE) Ideal for leave on cold process Hair Conditioners, creams, spray on products & lotions.

Try the leave-in conditioner formula below!

Ready-to-mix deep hair conditioner consisting of two quaternary conditioners and an emulsifier. Off-white powder, typical odour. Not soluble in water but forms dispersion.

INCI: Cetearyl alcohol, behentrimonium chloride, Polyquaternium 37

Usage rates:
Hair care : 2.0 - 10.0%
Lotions & creams: 0.5 - 8.0%


  • Able to form instant hair conditioning solution upon addition of water and emollients without much heating
  • Can be processed cold (warm water preferred) with proper mixing, but also hot water possible
  • Improves the structure and volume of hair, deeply conditions and easily detangles hair
  • Easy to use: Just add water, emollients, herbal extract, and vitamins and you have a great hair conditioner

Use: Add 3-10% to lukewarm or warm water and add up to 10% of emollients (e.g. plant oils) and blend well (with a stick blender). Typically, 5% of ICE Hair Restore is enough but for making a deep-restoring hair mask >5% may be required. For external use only.

When formulating a spray-on leave-in conditioner, 1 or 2% is preferred for a looser product.

ICE conditioner like BTMS-50, it’s one of the easiest conditioners to use because it’s both an emulsifier and conditioner in one. Unlike BTMS-50, you can make a conditioner at room temperature without heating the water! In that way, it has a major advantage over BTMS-50 with regard to the formulation process.

It can be processed using cold water, but using hot water should be enough to melt and form a conditioner right at your workspace. These are called “instant cold emulsions”. You will have to use a stick blender to ensure proper formation.

ICE Conditioner has a balance between its oil-loving (lipophilic) and water-loving (hydrophilic) properties, creating a good viscosity.

Applications: Hair rinses, hair conditioners, hair masks, lotions,spray on lotions

Country of Origin: USA

Raw material source: Various vegetable oils

Blend of 3 compounds including conditioners, emulsifiers, and thickeners. The manufacturing process is described in more details in the individual product descriptions.

Animal Testing: Not animal tested

Vegan: Does not contain animal-derived components

Leave-in Conditioner

(optional ingredients can be substituted with glycerin)

Distilled water 82%

Ice hair restore 3.5%

Luxglide N5 2.5% silicone replacement

Fractionated coconut oil 1% emollient optional

Meadowfoam oil 1% emollient optional

Abyssinian oil 1% emollient optional

Vit E 1% vitamin optional

Keratin Hydrolysate SILOX 3% protein for coloured or damaged hair optional

Bamboo Extract 3% for shine and manageability optional

Gluconolacstictone & Sodium Benzoate 2% preservative

Instructions: Add GSB to your water and mix with a stick blender until combined. Add ice and continue mixing until your ingredients have thickened. Add the additional ingredients, mixing after each addition.

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Customer Reviews

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Ice Hair & Skin Restore Powder

Christina Livingstone
I enjoyed this very much

It works very well. I really enjoyed making conditioner

Véronique Harvey-Vernier
Excellent product

Very useful and simple method for make a conditionner. No need heating like a BTMS 50 and the texture with icehair is really Perfect, the same of commercial after shampoo. I like this product.
the only thing, for a bottle of 500 ml, it takes 25 grams of powder, which comes to more than 4 dollars just for the emulsifier, not counting the other products. (I took 100 grams at $ 16 without taxes)
I think that for a question of price, I will stay with the BTMS 50, it is really cheaper and it does the job.