Ice Sunflower Hair & Skin Restore Powder


Instant Cold Emulsion (ICE) Ideal for leave on cold process Hair Conditioners, creams, spray on products & lotions.

CAS: 1286686-34-7, 9003-04-7

 INCI: Sunflower wax, sodium polyacrylate


  • Makes stable creams using no additional emulsifiers and no heating
  • Gives creams in no time and reduces the manufacturing process significantly
  • Needs just to be added to cold or warm/hot water
  • Compatible with many oils (up to a concentration of 10% is well tolerated without an emulsifier)

 Use: Add 5-10% to water and blend (handheld mixer) until smooth. Use water at room temperature or hot water for best results. Add up to 10% plant oils then add active ingredients & fragrance.

For external use only

Applications: Creams, lotions, serums, makeup, hair products & sun care.

Country of Origin: USA

Raw material source: Sunflower oil, acrylic acid, sodium hydroxide

Manufacture: Sunflower wax is made from winterization of sunflower oil. Sodium polyacrylate is produced by polymerization of acrylic acid blended with sodium hydroxide in the presence of an initiator.

Animal Testing: Not animal tested

GMO: GMO free but not certified

Vegan: Does not contain animal-derived components

Try this eye cream formula

Herbal Whitening Eye Cream 

Phase A 
Distilled Water (diluent) 61 % 
Alpha Arbutin Powder 2 % 
Sodium Hyaluronate low molecular weight 10 %  
Phase B
Cucumber Extract  5 % 
Elastn Yeast Extract  6%  
Gotu Kola Extract 5 %  
Phase C 
ICE Sunflower 5 %  
Phase D 
Soursop Seed Oil 5 %  
Optiphen Plus (preservative) 1 %   

Add phase A Water to a clean beaker and mix in powders until fully combined.
Add Phase B to phase A and combine.
Add Phase B mix using a stick blender. It will thicken up and get creamy. Add Phase D and blend. 
Adjust viscosity with ICE Sunflower if needed. Add more soursop seed oil if needed but max 10%. Properties Non-greasy moisturizing eye cream, with sunflower wax, herbal extracts.
If you would like to fadd fragrance to your lotion, replace the percentage of fragrance you would like to use from the water total.  Ie. if using 2% fragrance, you water amount.  .2% is a good number to start.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Maria P
Superb emulsifier for night creams

I've tried ICE sunflower in a night eye cream at 4%. It thickened to a butter-like consistency, but it feels extremely light and non-greasy. It absorbs well, and even gives a matte-look to the skin. My new favorite! I will try it at lower concentrations for serum formulations

Fung Chi Ho
Sunflower hair & shin restore powder

Easy to use and good for makes the light cream but not good for making the night cream.