Kombo Butter Unrefined Virgin

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Kombo butter is a little-known butter from West Africa, with a deep chocolate colour that has an almost blue tint to it. It has a pudding like texture.  Some people describe its aroma as deep and earthy, with subtle hints of mushrooms. Others smell caramel and fruit!

Kombo Butter used to be relatively unknown, but its amazing benefits and natural pain-killing properties are helping it to grow in popularity as a super-butter. It is high in myristoleic acid, which is used to treat all kinds of muscle and joint pain

  • Soothe sore, tender issues
  • Purify your skin
  • Offer antioxidants that protect against damage

Its dark colour can stain linens or clothes.  It is better suited when combined with other lighter butters.

Melting Point

50 - 60oC (122 - 140°F)

Flash Point

>280°C (536°F)

Shelf Life

2 years

INCI:  Pynanthus Angolensis (African Nutmeg) 

Country of Origin: Ghana

Try combining some soothing essential oils to your Butter: Balsam poplar, cedarwood, german chamomile, ginger, juniper, peppermint, plai, tumeric.

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Brandy Moser

Very happy with the product.

Alisa Fraser
Excellent products and fast delivery

So far so good. I am starting a small biz for natural skincare and so far I am pleased with the ingredients I have tried .