Lavender Flowers French Pesticide Free

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Botanical Name: lavandula angustifolia
Country of Origin:  Provence France

Shelf Life: 2 years in closed package

A valuable herb in skin products for antiseptic, stimulation.

Add to potpourri, sachet bags, bath blend potpourri, bat, bombs and soap.

Our new pesticide-free lavender petals are much brighter and more fragrant. It is priced higher but is a much superior quality. Great wedding toss. Wonderfully fragrant.

For wedding toss bags: A 1 lb (0.45 kg) bag of lavender holds 13.5 cups. One cup of lavender will fill (8)eight 3x4 sachet bags if you use 1/8 cup per sachet.

Professional spa treatments that you can easily have at home. Just place the herb mixture in a muslin bag and let it steep in your hot bath. The herbs will turn your bath into a spa treatment - the hot water will release the therapeutic aromas of the herbs for a rejuvenating or soothing bath. Make aromatherapy pillows by combining dried lavender, chamomile, and flaxseed.

Customer Reviews

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Not bright and not fragrant

Listing says ‘lavender petals are much brighter and more fragrant’ which is not true.
Lavender buds do not smell like lavender and are not purple like the images.
The buds are more brown and green.
There is also lots of stem pieces in the bag I received.
If I could include a photo to show how they look I would.

Beautiful smell

These smell amazing. Infused into some oil and the smell has not changed. Great quality, highly recommend:)

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Lavender Flowers Ultra Pesticide Free