Lotion Bar Blend with Shea

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So easy! Simply melt, add essential oil or fragrances (up to 2%), and pour into containers or molds.
Applied to wet skin can enhance moisturization.  The water on the skin helps to trap moisture, allow the base to form a barrier and seal in the hydration.
Can be used on chapped lips.

Contains: Shea butter, jojoba oil, fractionated coconut oil, castor oil, vitamin E, natural beeswax & stearic acid wax (not soy derived & no hydrogenated oils).
Concentration Range Codes:

Shea Butter 3

Jojoba Oil 4

Castor Oil 4

Vitamin E 4

Beeswax 2

Stearic Acid 4

Fractionated Coconut Oil 1

In Africa, massaging young babies daily with Shea Butter is an ancestral tradition, passed on from mother to daughter, as a way of nourishing and soothing their baby. The baby is welcomed into the world by being vigorously rubbed with this magical butter. African women use it themselves as a complete beauty balm for the face, body and hair. Moms can use the balm during and after pregnancy to soothe stretched, irritated skin. The rich and creamy texture is easy to massage and can be used as an everyday skincare product. This is our wholesale size.

Melt as much as you need to fill. Simply add your own essential oils for various properties you may wish your lotion bars to have! Have a look at our packaging section for various size solid lotion bar stick containers, jars and tins! Fills from 30 up to 250 x 15g natural deodorant containers depending on what size is ordered. ! See link below for packaging.