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Lumorol K 5229 Surfactant

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LUMOROL K 5229 is a water-free surfactant blend of anionic and nonionic surfactants. This product is free of diethanolamine and was specially developed for water-free formulations such as shower oils or oil foam baths, foaming bath melts and foaming scrubs.

Try formulating with LUMOROL K 5229, try substituting 20–40% of the liquid oil in an anhydrous formulation for it.

A clear yellow liquid with mild odour made from a combination of vegetable and synthetic sources.

It has 93% active ingredients with a pH of 7 when tested in a 10% solution.

Effortless Foaming Shower Oil : 
LUMOROL K 5229           57%
Oil of choice                    42%
Fragrance                          1%

It recommended to blend using a low/no shear mixer such as a hand mixer with one beater.  Blend for up to minutes until uniform.  When it comes into contact with water, it self emulsifies into a white oil in water (O/W) emulsion which cleanses and then rinses off very well. It foams well even with a high oil content.

INCI:  Laureth-4 (and) MIPA-Laureth Sulfate (and) Propylene Glycol

Active ingredient:           93%
Anionic active matter:    43%
Water Content:               1.5%
pH value (10%):                 7 in 10% solution

Storage:  Extended storage at temperatures below 25C may cause turbidity resp. sedimentation which can be removed by stirring and heating up to 30C without influence on quality. 

LUMOROL K 5229 provides clear shower and bath oil formulations. During usage, the dilution in water causes a change into a classical white O/W emulsion. LUMOROL K 5229 is clearly soluble in any kind of oil in nearly every concentration. Although final products contain a high amount of oil, good foaming properties can be achieved.

How to use:  In foaming shower or bath products, it cleanses the skin very thoroughly, it also leaves the skin moisturized due to the high oil content leaving the skin feeling soft and conditioned.

It is mild and gentle on the skin and is soothing for irritated skin types.

Some essential oils may cause the end product to change colour, e.g. Lemongrass will turn a product containing Lumorol K 5229 a deep yellow/orange colour. Check with a small amount first when using different essential oils.

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Lumorol K 5229 Surfactant

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Lumorol K 5229 Surfactant