Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Fragrance Oil Phthalate Free

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A soft oatmeal scent with warm cream, sweet hints of soothing honey and a soft touch of almond that tones this gentle scent. Very popular with in-store customers! Try adding some colloidal oatmeal as a gentle soothing effect in your soap.

INCI: Parfum

Usage Rate Max:

Candles & Tarts 10%

Lotion 3%

Soap 3.1%

Room sprays 50%


Flashpoint : >200F

Vanillin Content 0%

Candle safe Body-safe

Soap CP HP MP Perfume Discoloration? YES, Acceleration? TBA

Try blending with coconut fragrance although it is a great stand-alone blend on its own

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

For me I'm not a honey oatmeal milk fragrance kind of guy but my clients love them.


The scent is wonderful.... however, it has floaties....not sure it's suppose to, and the web listing doesn't give any percentage for usage rates, so as a beginner.... this is going to make it difficult to use. Also, note to self..... make sure to read fine print before purchasing.

It is sediments that contain some of the resins that collect in the bottom of the bottle.The sediment is actually the natural oils and essences coagulating. Not to worry about. The usage rates have now been added to the website product page.

tracy miller

Love this scent! Had to buy more.

Julie Barteaux
# 1 scent

My customers love this scent! I use it for wax melts, bath bombs, and CP soap. No fast trace or discoloration.

Mathew M
Always a hit fragrance

This fragrance is one of our best sellers. I find it reasonably priced and I find that the staff at the Calgary branch are incredibly helpful.