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Olivem 900 is a PEG-free co-emulsifier, an ivory waxy solid in flake form with melting range 65 – 75°C ideally 80°C for w/o and w/s systems.

Olivem® 900 is designed to improve the dispersion of powders in decorative formulations and of inorganic UV attenuating agents in sun care formulations, and contribute to waterproofing by improving the resistance to wash off. It is COSMOS-validated.

Recommended use levels

5 – 7.5% in w/o emulsions and foundations as the sole emulsifier.

1 – 10% as a powder dispersant or lipogel agent.

1 – 3% as a functional lipid.

1 – 2% as an o/w co-emulsifier.

2 – 3% as a w/o or w/s co-emulsifier.

INCI:  Sorbitan Olivate

HLB value : 4.7

Shelf life: 48 months

Origin:  Italy

  • Heat the fatty phase and water to 80°C, incorporate the water in small doses. Do not add new water until the previous one is emulsified. stir slowly until cool. do not accelerate cooling in a cold water bath at the risk of inhomogeneity and phase separation.
  • For formulas with more than 50% fatty phase, use stabilizers such as Kaolin, powder, or even cetyl alcohol or wax.
  • The texture will thicken again within 24 - 48 hours.

Here are some sample formulations

5% BUTTER + 50% OIL + 8% OLIVEM 900 formulates a soft rich cream. It leaves the skin very soft and not greasy.

60% OIL + 10% OLIVEM 900 much richer. You can feel a big difference because it feels heavier and richer on the skin. It can be packaged in a jar and won’t work in a pump bottle.

1% WAX + 50% OIL + 5% OLIVEM 900   thinner emulsion you can detect the occlusive feeling of the tiny amount of wax. This can also be packaged as a day lotion.

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Kristina Wulff
Lots of possibilities

This is a really interesting product. I bought it for its lipogelling and powder dispersing properties, and I've been able to use it to make an l-ascorbic acid suspension and some tinted lip glosses. I also found a lipstick formulation from the manufacturer; it has a lot of ingredients, but I would definitely like to try it.