70 g Paperboard Kraft Push Up

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Handy Eco-friendly paper containers are perfect for lip balms and other handmade cosmetics.  Biodegradable & recyclable.  70 g / 2.5 oz

They are lined with a plant-based, wax paper lining that is fully compostable, biodegradable and recyclable, creating an oil-proof shield from the outer paper.

The design does not have a diagonal seam on the outside which tends to unwrap with daily use.  These hold up great during travel and the thick Kraft paperboard is not easily crushed.

Contents are easily pushed up by a disc at the bottom of this lightweight tube.

Easy filling instructions are included and satisfaction is guaranteed.

36mm / 1-7/16" -  inner diameter

40mm / 1-9/16" - outer diameter

103mm / 4-1/16" - total outer height

84mm / 3.25" - total inner height

91mm 3-5/8" - height of base with lid off (includes neck)

27mm / 1-1/16" - outer lid height

76mm / 3" - outer base height (from bottom of tube to lid line)

33.3mm / 1-5/16" - top of lid diameter (for sticker)

126mm / 5" - circumference

Tips from the Manufacturer for filling your tubes:
- Using a chopstick or similar utensil, make sure the push-up disk at the bottom of each tube is pressed down and seated firmly with the white, wax side up.
- For best results, keep your first pour temperature at the lowest temperature possible. (140F / 60C or below) and only fill about 10% of the way. Let it semi-set before filling the rest with a hotter temperature.
- Use a small beaker or dropper/pipette to avoid soiling the outside of the tubes.
- To avoid an indent in the middle, fill up in stages.
- If lids are ill-fitting, switch the lids with other tubes.


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Kathleen Tierney
Customers love them

I do vendor markets and my customers love that I am using paperboard instead of plastics.