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Whether you need to soothe a rash, extract a stubborn splinter, plantain has your back in a crisis. It is also a gentle and effective alternative that can be of great use in long-term and chronic health problems.

Try herbal infusions with a 2 to 1 plantain to liquid oil is n a glass jar. Make sure the herbs are fully covered with the oil and let it sit for a few weeks. Strain the herb and use the oil for different preparations. We suggest using a liquid oil that has a long shelf life, such as fractionated coconut oil. It also washes out of your clothes and sheets very well.

INCI: Plantago major

Country Of Origin: USA

A valuable herb in skin products for antiseptic, stimulation.

Add to tub teas and bath salt blends

•Bites, stings •Cuts, •Eczema, psoriasis •Leukorrhea, yeast •Rashes, contact dermatitis •Ulcers, old sores •Varicose veins

Other Names: Common Plantain, Broadleaf Plantain, Great Plantain, Greater Plantain, Ripple Grass, Plantago Asiatica, Waybread, Waybroad, Snakeweed, Cuckoo's Bread, Englishman's Foot, White Man's Foot, Che Qian Zi (China), Breitwegerich (German), Tanchagem-maior (Portuguese), Llantén común (Spanish), Llantén major (Spanish)

Plantain has been acclaimed for its ability to relieve bee stings, insect and spider bites, and rashes from an unfortunate encounter with Poison Ivy or Stinging Nettles.