Polyamide 3

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Partially vegetable-derived rheology modifier for formulation with low to high polarity organic liquids. High bio-renewable content. Sustainable product, only partially petroleum derived.
AKA:  Citrine Clear Wax, OleoCraft™ MP-32
  • Provides multifunctional benefits including uniform delivery of actives, pigments and solids while reducing or eliminating the need for emulsifiers
  • Forms shear thinning emulsions that provide a positive sensory feel while improving skin hydration
  • Can stabilize emulsions over a broad pH range and accommodate high oil and fat loadings including silicones
  • Forms gelled oil-in-water and water-in-gelled-oil emulsions that are pH insensitive (gels can be water soluble or insoluble)
  • Ads water-resistance to sunscreens and stabilizes inorganic UV filters
  • Compatible with common emollients used in sun care emulsions
  • Provides excellent skin feel with low tack
  • Acts as emulsion stabilizers and reduces the need for adding multiple emulsifiers in formulas
Softens at 40°C/100°F. Typical use level 1-30%. It can be used to make solid gels of medium polar organic liquids such as emollient esters, glycols, alcohols and polar surfactants. Makes clear sticks, good pigment dispersion. If added to castor oil you will get an instant lip gloss with very nice feel and gloss. Tip: Add very small amounts to the heated oil, under constant agitation until melted, before adding more, to avoid clumping. For external use only.
Creams, lotions, sticks, sunscreen, colour cosmetics, ethanol gels and sprays.
INCI:  Polyamide-3
No purity grade applicable
Appearance  Clear yellowish pellets
Solubility Water-soluble

Store in a closed container at a dry place at room temperature
Country of Origin:  USA
Raw Material Source
Diamino compounds, dicarboxylic acids, fatty acids from vegetable oils
Polyamide-3 is produced synthetically by the condensation polymerization of diamino compounds (reacted with fatty acids) with dicarboxylic acids.
Not animal tested
GMO No data available
Does not contain animal-derived components
HS Code 3823706000

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