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PolyAquol-2W is a polyglycerol-based  crystal self-emulsifying system for cosmetic O/W emulsions. It is non-ionic, PEG-free, and completely self-emulsifying.

Approved for COSMOS Certified products and Ecocert certified products.

Solubility: It can be added to the water phase or the oil phase of an emulsion depending upon the viscosity level targeted. The viscosity is higher, making a thicker cream, when Polyaquol 2W is added to the oil phase as opposed to the water phase.

INCI:  Glyceryl Stearate (and) Stearyl Alcohol (and) Polyglyceryl-2 Stearate

CAS Number: 12694-22-3, 123-94-4, 112-92-5

Process: Use in hot process between 75-82°C.  82°C is recommended

Recommended use level: 1-5%.

Oil phase concentration: 5-22%.

Compatible with: Various oils, esters and thickeners/jellifying agents (like gums).

Adding the phases together: Add the oil phase to the water phase.

Ratio recommendation: It emulsifies oils up to a 1:4 ratio without the need for thickeners, and it creates stable emulsions on its own without the need of co-emulsifiers or co-factors.

Applications include: Skin care; Anti-aging; Anti-wrinkle; BB and CC creams; Sun care;  Baby care; Make up.

Extra feature: It self-emulsifies in water, forming a stable gel to create a creamy cleansing products without an oil phase. 

PolyAquol 2W is a hot process emulsifier, which means that both the water phase and the oil phase must be heated between 75-85°C. If you are working with butters and waxes, or include an ingredient like ascorbyl palmitate, increase the heating temperature according to the ingredient with the highest melting point, but when you start the emulsification process, we recommended going back to the 75-85°C setting. The manufacturer recommends you add the oil phase to the water phase when using PolyAquol as the emulsifier.

PolyAquol is a very easy emulsifier to work with and suitable for lower oil concentrations (5-22%). it has different possibilities in viscosity profiles., ranging from a light fluid up to a thick buttercream consistency.

PolyAquol 2W is tolerant towards electrolytes (table salt => NaCl). This is very rare because normally an O/W emulsion breaks upon addition of salts.  Electrolyte tolerance: ca. 3%   

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