Rosemary Essential Oil ct Cineole Organic

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Pronounced sin-ee-ole, this variety of Rosemary is high in, 1,8-cineole. When you see this constituent in an oil’s GC/MS report, you should think “respiratory system.” This is because 1,8-cineole has the ability to reduce inflammation, kill off bacteria and viruses, and open up nasal passages and lungs by breaking down mucus. It contains a significant amount pinene (a) which aids in reducing spasmodic coughing and breathing, making this your go to oil for respiratory issues. The effectiveness of Rosemary ct. cineole can help on improving cognitive function and memory. It's refreshing, vibrant aroma gives this oil the capability to be energy boosting as well.

In hair care Rosemary Cineole is said to promote a healthy scalp and hair and may stimulate hair growth and reduce dandruff. For skin care this is the Rosemary said to be helpful with excessively oily skin and acne.  The high 1,8 cineole content makes this oil well suited for use with upper respiratory infections. 

Country of Origin - Tunisia
Method of Extraction - Steam

INCI:  Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil 

Usage Rate: Wash off 1 to 3%

Always dilute 4 parts carrier to 1 part tea tree.  We recommend doing a patch test to ensure it is safe for your skin. 

Cautions - Excessive amounts of rosemary taken internally can cause fatal poisoning. For external use only. Always dilute.

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Dianne Arnott

Rosemary Essential Oil ct Cineole Organic

Jacinthe Bernier
L’odeur est parfaite.

L’odeur est parfaite !

Kai Ladd
Great quality

Always very happy with the products.