Sandalwood Essential Oil

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Our plantation grown Sandalwood essential oil from New Caledonia is extremely warm, sweet and ultra smooth. This oil is rich in α-santalol, the constituent that gives Sandalwood its signature woody aroma and is responsible for much of the beneficial effects.

This austrocaledonicum species of Sandalwood, with its rich, precious wood aroma, provides a cost effective and sustainable alternative to endangered Indian Sandalwood oils. It's smooth, woody santalol aroma is rich and long lasting on a scent strip, resulting in a very long, deep, sweet-wood dry down. Iso-β-bisabolol, an active trace constituent with a strong floral, muguet-like, pleasant smell, was also detected in Sandalwood oils from New Caledonia.

  • Plant Part: Heartwood

Sandalwood oil is naturally mild and is suitable for all skin types.
Botanical Name - Santalum austrocaledonicum
Country of Origin - New Caledonia plantation grown
Method of Extraction -Steam Distillation

Cautions - Non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitizing.

Aromatic Profile: Extremely sweet, smooth, woody, santalol-rich, with a very long, deep, sweet-wood dry down. Excellent fixative.

Appearance: Colorless to very pale yellow, transparent, somewhat viscous mobile liquid.

Storage Suggestions: This oil will actually improve with age, that is, the aroma will become deeper, rounder and more refined over time when properly stored at a constant temperature below 65-70F degrees.

Use: Aromatherapy, Natural Perfumery. PLEASE NOTE: Sandalwood essential oil is somewhat viscous and may clog some types of aromatic diffusers. Mixing Sandalwood with a thinner, more mobile essential (not fixed) oil before adding to a diffuser is recommended.

Blending Suggestions: Dilute and add drop by drop to create a base note or to add a woody, sweet note to your formulas.


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Smells divine!!


Blends well with so many essential oils. Smells great and lasts a long time.